Handheld Pedi Mate Of 18 Pieces


Handheld Pedi Mate Of 18 Pieces

Handheld Pedi Mate 18 in 1 in Pakistan

Handheld Pedi Mate Of 18 Pieces

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 1,850.00  1,450.00

  • Safe to use
  • Nail grooming kit
  • Captures the fillings
  • A complete kit of 18 Pieces
  • Over 130 precision ultra micro files
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Pedi Mate is basically an 18 in 1 set different pieces/parts that can be used to get rid of hard, dead or diseased skin or callus in significantly less amount of time.

This is a fact that each individual in a way or another experienced the callused skin at least one time in their life. While callous or hard skin is not unavoidably a big problem and it doesn’t cause any pain. This problem can be really irritating for the individuals. There are a number of methods that you can assume in order to completely remove the calluses. Some methods work, while some methods are merely the waste of the cash. In order to comfort your burden, Telebrands Pakistan has got one exclusive and valuable product of its kind as the Abcd Telebrands Pedi Mate.


Handheld Pedi Mate 18 in 1 in Pakistan
The Pedi Mate 18 in 1 is actually a set of 18 different pcs designed to eliminate even the finest traces of callous on any bare parts of the skin. The Pedi Mate 18 in 1 is an ergonomic handheld device that easily fits in the palm of your hand. This light-weight callous eliminating machine can easily be used on the go without any irritation or trouble.
The unit is accompanied by the cutting-edge 130 stainless steel micro files that gently eliminates all the dashes of callous skin and then stored in a self-containing chamber. All the users can simply empty the chamber so that the file can be used to start over and over for a mess-free function. The Pedi Mate Kit is also accompanied by extra finishing pads. You have to use the finishing pads later treating with the micro files. The final touch of the finishing pads will help to further smooth the skin after eliminating the hard and dead or diseased skin.


Handheld Pedi Mate 18 in 1 in Pakistan

Now you do not need for any costly visits to the salon for eliminating the callous, the same purpose can be fulfilled by using the Abcd Pedi Mate Pakistan. This is not all; the Pedi mate kit is accompanied by 10 different grooming accessories. The key purpose of these attachments is to buff, trim and brush the nails of your toe. This Pedi Mate Kit has the whole thing needed to have soft and glowing skin. By using the Pedi Mate Kit 18 in 1 Pakistan, your skin will be glossy like never before.


Handheld Pedi Mate 18 in 1 in Pakistan
The best thing about the Pedi Mate Pakistan grooming kit is that it cannot be used only on natural nails, you can use that on artificial nails. This device is very user-friendly and it doesn’t need any prior sound knowledge. In order to have the smooth & shiny nails, first, you have to buff your nails with the black rough surface with simple strokes. After that, you have to use the white surface to additional polishes and make the nail smooth. And in the last step, you have to use the gray surface to get the lustrous shine.


Handheld Pedi Mate 18 in 1 in Pakistan
The Pedi Mate 18 in 1 Piece is powered by 2 AAA batteries. Please note that always placed the batteries in the exact polarities as indicated on the inner side cover of the batteries section. Never try to combine and use the batteries as new and old ones, as it may affect the working of the Pedi Mate kit. Please try to use the alkaline batteries to get the finest results. You can use the Pedi Mate in Pakistan even in the traveling after inserting the batteries.

This professional grade Telebrands Pakistan Pedi Mate callous eliminating treatment has been engineered with great precision. This Pedi Mate 18 in 1 kit can give your skin an attractive new look and feel that everybody loves to see and feel. You, your skin and your soft feet will definitely love to treat with Pedi Mate in Pakistan. This useful callous removing treatment can be purchased exclusively from the official franchise of Telebrands Pakistan. Customers can also use their mobile phones to call the number 0324-6000335 for this purpose.



All the usage of this unit is well-explained in the following steps:

  • First of all, you have to insert the 2 AAA batteries in the polarities as specified
  • In the next step, you have to place sue the state of the art 130 stainless steel micro files assembly on the area where dead or diseased skin is present. You have to treat with the case as long as you feel that skin has got smooth enough
  • In the next step, you have to attach the desired head to the main kit. Please don’t try to use severe force to attach any tool, as it may damage the head or the main kit assembly
  • After attaching the head, now you are ready to go. Press the ON button to start the kit
  • You have to continue using the kit till you the desired results. Please do not try to put more pressure and stick to the light pressure as possible. You have to apply the head of the Pedi Mate head in a continuous motion
  • It is recommended to first soak your hands or feet in the gentle warm soapy water to soften the hard part of the hand or foot. It is further recommended to use the blue stone disc first and after that, you can replace the head as per your requirement and usage
  • When you are finished, then you have to remove the head. Please note that do not apply the great force to remove the head. Instead, pull the top of the head in a gentle way and the head would be removed from the kit instantly
  • Wash your feet and hands to remove the remnants of the dead skin or callous.
  • You are done!


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Handy and ergonomic design
  • Can be used on the go or in traveling
  • Comes with 130 stainless steel micro-file
  • Can be used on artificial and natural nails
  • Suitable for homes, beauty salon and beauty parlors
  • Multipurpose and complete callous removing treatment
  • Comes with 18 different tools included the 12 pieces of nail grooming and polishing kit



  • Bullet Cone
  • Blue Stone Disc
  • 2 Pedi Mate Files
  • Flat Disc Trimmer
  • Satin Bristle Barrel
  • Unique Ball Tip Cone
  • Superior Emery Barrel
  • 4 Emery Finishing Pads
  • Luxurious Buffing Barrel
  • Professional Buffing Barrel
  • Precision Pointed Conehead
  • 1 Peddi Nozzle for grooming
  • Professional Grade Foot Cone
  • Rotating Emery Board Nail Shine



  • 1 x Pedi Mate
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 18 x Pieces Head-on attachment


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Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 5 cm

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