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Bamboo Charcoal Body Shaper

 1,500.00  999.00
  • Materials: Natural Bamboo Fibers, Nylon, Cotton, Spandex.
  • Color: Beige
  • Instant method to give a body shape
  • Useful for losing weight
  • Only one suit is included in price

Miss Belt

 1,100.00  850.00


  • Become visibly, instantly slimmer
  • Shape your figure
  • Smooth your mid-section
  • Dual-compression technology reduces your waistline
  • Seamless system design in breathable fabric
  • Provides posture and alignment support
  • Wear under or over your clothes

Neckline Slimmer

 1,200.00  850.00


  • Progressive 3 level coil resistance; tones, tightens and lifts.
  • No pain – No expensive surgery.
  • Help reduce double-chin or neck folds. No more loose or hanging skin.
  • A firm, lift and smooth your neckline in just two minutes a day.

Royal Posture Belt

 1,400.00  900.00


  • Adjust position and snugness as needed.
  • Shoulder straps should pull back slightly on shoulder area.
  • If needed pull waist belt down slightly to increase shoulder pressure.
  • Wash by hand in gentle detergent. Air dry.
  • Stretch back support belt around, torso and fasten to improve posture.